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ULTRA HIGH: Running at 18,000 Feet

A Film by Barry Walton

The Story

ULTRA HIGH is a feature length documentary film about the race to complete the 137-mile high altitude ultra marathon, crossing the two highest motorable passes in the world. Battled out by six ultra runners from around the globe, the race starts 50-miles outside of the city of Leh in the Himalayas of Northern India. Traveling across the mountain passes of Khardung La and Tanglang La, each runner must find their way along the twisted climbs peaking at up to 18,300 feet in order to arrive at the finish line in under 60-hours.

Waiting at the start like fine-tuned race cars the runners are set to go, but the course is long and danger is inevitable. Leading the way, Ray Sanchez is a strong candidate to break the course record, but trailing close behind is Sharon Gayner out of the U.K. and she has first place hopes in her eyes. Facing up against high altitude pulmonary edema, hypothermia, exhaustion, and all the elements that come from running at over 18,000 feet, each runner finds themselves lacking the air to breathe and the energy to go on. With all the action of the ‘tour de France’ on foot, and the inspiration to fight for more within yourself. ULTRA HIGH is a high altitude battle to the finish at 18,000 feet.

Director’s Statement

“In 2011, I traveled to Leh, India to cover the second running of the ultra marathon called, La Ultra – The High. Fighting against altitude sickness and sleep deprivation, I worked with my crew to prepare and cover the running of the 137-mile course. Filming backwards on a motorcycle, I watched as some of the most amazing athletes in the world covered each peak in the full distance without sleep and very little rest. In the end, I was able to experience what could only be labeled as one of the toughest battles to reach the finish in any ultra race I have seen to date.”

The Runners

Runners are named in order of their individual race numbers


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  • 1 full length download of The High: Making the Toughest Race on Earth (75-minutes)
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Download Both + All Extras

Download Both + All Extras


  • 1 full length download of The High: Making the Toughest Race on Earth (75-minutes)
  • 1 full length download of Ultra High: Running at 18,000 Feet (70-minutes)
  • 8 extra download features of each runner’s profiles, race director Rajat Chauhan’s story and journalist Ben Arnoldy’s connection to the race and region. Plus the deleted scenes from the directors cut (18-minutes)
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Press Kit

Press Photos

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BTV Productions

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Film Credits

Directed By:
Barry Walton
Barry Walton
Sound Design:
Chris Winter
Voice Talent:
Ross Huguet
Motion Design:
Darrell Quandt
Web/Logo Design:
Nick Zalewski
Still Photography:
Ankit Kumar
Abhijit Yeole Photography

Backer Credits

  • Executive Producers
    • Rajat Chauhan
    • Andrew Backhaus & Alto Lab
    • The Wasserman Family
  • Founding Producers
    • Molly Sheridan
    • Bill Andrews
    • Bill Cole
    • Kenneth Posner
    • John T. Sharp
    • Arylis Scates
    • Michele Ufer
  • Special Thanks Backers
    • George & Judy Walton
    • Bailey Sheridan
    • Matt Peterson
    • Pallavi Savant
    • Diane Harper
    • Colleen Hannegan
    • Matt & Brenda Rupp
    • Justyn (Jup) Brown
    • Brad Robison
    • Teresa Brown
    • Tyras Bookman
    • Karen Shaver
    • Peter Tassinario
    • Bernadette Benson
    • Corey Easler
    • Patrick Van Beusekom
    • Fadi Castronovo
    • Lacey
    • Ritchey
    • Pat Hogan
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    • Paolo Nicolardi
    • John Vigil
    • Vickie McConnell
    • Ed & Phil Active
    • Fred Grajo
    • Greg Tseng
    • Brandon Gold
    • Abhishek Gupta
  • Production Contributors
    • Kim & Dustin Short
    • Micheal Solomon
    • Brian Leman
    • Ryan Cofrancesco
    • Sharath Raju
    • Glenn Raudins
    • Irene Ranzato
    • Kieran Osborne
    • Stephanie Rorke
    • Mark Woolley
    • Cheryl Stein
    • Jessica McKimmie
    • Wella Lasola
    • Rebekah Trittipoe
    • Sean Buchanan
    • Daniel Bernal
    • Ryan King
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    • Surjeet Paintal
    • Christopher Lay
    • Jennifer Steinman
    • Tracy Thomas
    • Tony Nigirelli
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    • Rishard Greenbury
    • Opiyo Okeyo
    • Multidays and Ultra Running News
    • Lynzi Leroy
    • Chad Crawford
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    • Valentina Ricciuti
    • Greg Ammen